Wes Green Landscape Materials offers a wide variety of gardening materials to fit your needs.

Over the years, we have provided garden enthusiasts, plant lovers, and just about anybody and everybody in Arcata and the surrounding areas with affordable, quality materials. For your convenience, our bulk materials can be purchased in any amount – from as little as a 5 gallon bucket to an entire 40 yard dump truck with transfer trailer delivered straight to your door. We also will create custom mixes upon request. We also have soil analysis for all of our bulk items available by request. Our prices for our bulk materials are based on a cubic yard. 

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  • Screened Topsoil—$44/yard
  • Unscreened Topsoil—$34/yard
  • Fill Dirt—$28/yard
  • Screened Used Potting Soil—$25/yd
  • Unscreened Used Potting Soil—$10/yd

Special Mixes

  • Wes’ Ultimate Goat Blend—$47/yard
    1/2  Screened Topsoil
    1/4 Compost
    1/4 Screened Goat Manure
  • Wes’ Best—$47/yard
    1/2 Screened Topsoil
    1/4 Compost
    1/4 Cow Manure
  • Wes’ Supreme—$50/yard
    65% Screened Topsoil
    30% Compost
    5% Chicken Manure
  • Soil Mix—$47/yard
    50% Screened Topsoil
    50% Compost
  • Extreme Potting Soil—$105/yard
    65% Compost
    19% Coco Coir
    14% Perlite
    1% Chicken Manure
    1% Worm Castings
  • Vita Mix—$110/yard
    Peat Moss
    Bat Guano
    Oyster Shell
    Feather Meal
    Worm Casting

Bagged Soil

  • Screened Topsoil—$3.10/bag
  • Compost—$4.75/bag
  • Soil Mix—$3.35/bag
  • Extreme Potting Soil—$6.75/bag
  • Wes’ Best—$3.60/bag
  • Worm Castings—$30/bag
  • Wes’ Ultimate Goat Blend—$3.60/bag

Organic Amendments

  • Goat Manure—$45/yard
  • Organic Cow Manure—$35/yard
  • Horse Manure—$20/yard
  • Screened Horse Manure—$30/yard
  • Organic Chicken Manure—$75/yard
  • Worm Castings—$220/yard
  • Perlite Super Sack—$250/tote
  • Cocoa Coir—$180/yard


  • Pea Gravel—$35/yard
  • #2 Rock—$45/yard
  • #3 Rock—$35/yard
  • Cobble—$35/yard
  • Base Rock—$35/yard
  • 100% Crushed Rock—$40/yard
  • 3/8 Minus—$55/yard
  • 1″-4″ Quarry Rock—$42/yard
  • Decomposed Granite—$75/yard
  • 5/8 Washed Crushed Rock—$55/yard
  • 3/8 Washed Crushed Rock—$55/yard


  • River Sand—$40/yard
  • Beach Sand—$30/yard

Chips and Bark

  • Redwood Chips—$35/yard
  • Playground Chips—$43/yard
  • Shredded Redwood Bark—$35/yard
  • Mini, Small or Medium Fir Bark—$53/yard
  • Walk-On Bark—$43/yard


  • Compost—$45/yard
  • Mushroom Compost—$58/yard
  • Grindings—$15/yard

Weed Mat

  • 3ft—$.27/sq ft
  • 6ft—$.27/sq ft
  • PINS $.10/ea

*Soil Mix- best for growing grass or mixing in to other soil (i.e. clay).
*Wes’s Ultimate Goat Blend- Great for everything.
*Wes’s Best- Great for vegetable gardens.
*Wes’s Supreme- Great for berries.
*Compost used to break up clay soil.
*All Grey Rock, besides “Quarry”, is river rock. Sizes do vary.