Everyone is welcome to come and drop off greenwaste.

City of Arcata Program

– Beginning January 20, 2014 we will be offering “Think Green” stamp cards. Drop off 5 yards of green waste and receive a 1/2 yard of compost FREE.

– Starting January 3 2012, the stampcards are being replaced with an automated system. The new Green Waste Program will allow garbage customers who reside WITHIN Arcata city limits:

– 48 (One Cubic Yard) Drop-offs per year

– Once the 48 yard maximum is reached, standard drop-off fees apply.

– To set up your account, please bring your most recent Arcata Garbage Bill and an ID to our office located at 6360 West End Rd.

– If you have a landscaper or other maintenance do work for you that involves green waste drop off, you must add those individuals to your account when you come in to set up. If the name of the person isn’t listed under your address, there will be a charge to drop the green waste.

– If you live in county or another city, (McKinleyville, Eureka etc;) there is a drop off fee, which is $ 9.00 per cubic yard with a $7.00 minimum.

– Starting April 1 2013, new guide lines regarding qualifying for the minimum charge will apply. In order to qualify for the $7.00 charge you must have LESS than 1 garbage bag or 1 standard trash can of green waste. ALL amounts above this will be charged a minimum of $9.00 per cubic yard brought in.

– We accept: Brush, untreated and unpainted wood (nails and screws are ok), pallets, and grass.

– We do not accept: Stained or treated wood, plywood, sheet rock, dry wall, garbage, cardboard, lawn furniture, old furniture, shingles, food waste, pumpkins, apples, flax or pampas grass, anything from the palm family or plastic bags.


We do take used potting soil. There is a fee of $20.00 per cubic yard.